There are two components to the pre-k program:

1) Classroom Programming

2) Family Oriented Programming

§ The Pre-Kindergarten program provides a language rich, play-based pre-school environment for children.

§ Children are provided with educational activities to enhance their cognitive, emotional, social, creative, and physical development.

§ Pre-Kindergarten offers half-day programming two or three days each week from September to June.

§ The program is taught by a certified teacher and supported by educational assistants.  Additional support services are provided by a speech and language pathologist, occupational and physical therapists, teacher, and psychologist as required.

§ The Pre-Kindergarten program offers a small class size.

Children must be four years of age by December 31st  and have one of the following to be eligible:

§ Language delays

§ Academically at-risk

§ Advanced Skill & Language Development

§ English As A Second Language

§ Behavioural & Emotional Regulation Challenges

Children with other delays or ‘at-risk’ will be considered

§ Parents of children requiring assessment will be contacted by school personnel to arrange the necessary screening and/or assessments.

§ Parents of children currently receiving speech-language intervention through AHS should speak to the child’s SLP to permit the information to be shared with Steffie Woima staff. 

§ Confirmation of enrollment will be determined when eligibility requirements are met.


Program Fees - The program is free to parents as it is funded by Alberta Education and Chinook's Edge School Division no 73

To apply for the program follow the Registration Information link on the main page or click HERE