There are two components to the pre-k program:

1) Classroom Programming

2) Family Oriented Programming

§ The Pre-Kindergarten program provides a language-rich, play-based pre-school environment for children.

§ Children are provided with educational activities to enhance their cognitive, emotional, social, creative, and physical development.

§ Pre-Kindergarten offers half-day programming two or three days each week from September to June.

§ The program is taught by a certified teacher and supported by educational assistants.  Additional support services are provided by a speech and language pathologist, occupational and physical therapists, teacher, and psychologist as required.

§ The Pre-Kindergarten program offers a small class size.

Children must be four years of age by December 31st  and have one of the following to be eligible:

§ Language delays

§ Academically at-risk

§ Advanced Skill & Language Development

§ English As A Second Language

§ Behavioral & Emotional Regulation Challenges

Children with other delays or ‘at-risk’ will be considered

§ Parents of children requiring assessment will be contacted by school personnel to arrange the necessary screening and/or assessments.

§ Parents of children currently receiving speech-language intervention through AHS should speak to the child’s SLP to permit the information to be shared with Steffie Woima staff. 

§ Confirmation of enrollment will be determined when eligibility requirements are met.


Program Fees - The program is free to parents as it is funded by Alberta Education and Chinook's Edge School Division no 73

To apply for the program please fill out a paper application form - available in the school office. We will then schedule student assessments to determine eligibility. These assessments usually are scheduled in March/April.


Check out our welcome video:
Welcome to PRE-KINDERGARTEN at Ecole Steffie Woima

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